5 Reasons Why I Love Vintage Watches!


Let's get into it. Let me start by asking you this question. Have you ever been walking around somewhere and seen a stranger with the exact same shirt? You can be the most I don't give a fuck person in the world, but I guarantee that you’d still somehow be affected by it. That's how we are. It's in our nature to react that way when we feel that our uniqueness is threatened which brings me to...

Reason #1

I love vintage watches because I think that each piece is truly unique. First off the fact that you're buying something that was produced in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s already ensures that majority of the people who’ve probably owned the same watch are not gonna be in your social circle.

Let's just say you go to this watch meet-up. You run into all these watch enthusiasts and you see these three guys who have exactly the same watch. You notice that the way these watches aged would still be completely different just because each watch would have lived through different circumstances.

  • Gentleman No. 1 was a hardcore watch collector and he kept his in a closet tucked away never been used.
  • Gentleman No. 2 was there racecar driver. He was out in the sun a lot so the watch got a lot of exposure from the Sun.
  • Gentleman No. 3 was a plumber and used this watch on a daily basis. He would bang it up every time he would repair some toilets and sinks.

My point here is what your watch has been through is as much a part of what makes it unique as their reference or a dial configuration. It's almost like us. In a way, who we are today was shaped by the experiences we've been through. With these watches every ding scratch and patina on a dial or maybe, the lack thereof, tells a story.

Reason #2

I love vintage watches because they're literally a piece of history. One reason why people buy watches from luxury brands is because of their rich history. You have to understand that a brand like Rolex was founded more than a hundred years ago, surviving two world wars several economic depressions. It's one thing to learn off this history and say that's cute but still go for a modern watch but it's a whole another thing to own an actual piece of history. Vintage watches were made in a different time made for and by a different set of people so yes it's pretty much like time travel.

Reason #3

These babies are built to last another reason why people buy watches from luxury brands is because of the reputation they've established for themselves when it comes to build quality. If I'm gonna shell out an arm and a leg for a watch then I'm gonna make damn sure it'll be around for my grand-babies' grand-babies' graduation, otherwise, no deal. These vintage watches are a proof that they have already withstood the test of time.

Reason #4

Value for money. The most affordable Rolex you could get brand-new would cost you around six thousand dollars. With almost the same amount of money you could already get of vintage Rolex Day-Date 1803, which for most watch enthusiasts, is already a Creole piece.

The 1803 is one of the more premium watches of Rolex, which only comes in precious metals. To get one brand-new it can cost you up to $30,000. For a fraction of the price you get the same brand recognition, the same build quality and since what you get these days is already an evolution of what it was in the past, you're getting an even truer design. In the case of the Day-date you're getting the reference 1803, which was known to be worn by several US presidents such as Roosevelt, Kennedy and Regan, which is why until this day we refer to the day date as the President. In addition to the benefits of uniqueness in history I mentioned earlier, it's hard to argue against the fact that you're getting so much more value for a significantly smaller investment.

Reason #5

Investability. Just like buying a car, when you buy a brand new watch, its price immediately drops by around 30%. The moment you put on a quality piece on your wrist, it'll then hold its value and sometimes even appreciate over time. With pre-owned or vintage watches it's already experienced that price drop and it's in the phase of constant appreciation. There are nuances to this. Not all watches appreciate the same and it definitely happens that certain watches have a higher resale value than its retail. In most cases this is how it is so I think starting off your collection with a vintage watch is a smarter bet.

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So that's it guys, time's up.

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  • Love your video and all the reason on owning a vintage watch , you are absaloutsy right !
    Can’t wait to see your next video keep it coming gab !

    Mona Lisa

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